April 2, 2024

University College Partners With Ziplines Education To Provide Credentials to Busy Professionals

 A shortage of qualified workers for key positions remains a huge challenge for employers in Colorado. Recently, the Colorado Workforce Development Council revealed a two-to-one ratio of job openings to available workers, emphasizing the urgent need to address the skills gap, as evidenced by the state’s legislative and funding focus on workforce development initiatives. To support today’s ever-evolving workforce needs, University College, the University of Denver’s college of professional and continuing education, announced its launch of several new online programs in partnership with Ziplines Education.

“Gaining the skills employers want in a competitive market can be challenging for working adults, which is why we’re excited to introduce these industry-focused certification courses that are quick and affordable, and deliver industry skills and certifications,” said Teri Markle, University College’s Associate Dean of Continuing Education. “By partnering with Ziplines Education, we are expanding our offerings to meet the needs of learners looking to upskill or reskill to better compete in today’s job market.”

The industry-certification program introduces pathways for learners and earners at all levels of education to grow professionally. Over a 10-week span, through online instruction, self-directed learning, and optional live sessions, learners will dive into real-world applications, data-driven strategies, and cutting-edge technology skills. The expert-taught and industry-driven curriculum, combined with an accessible schedule and without educational prerequisites, allows learners to build their skillset on their own time and work toward industry-recognized certifications.

Courses, which can be found at professional.du.edu/courses/industry-certification-courses, are focused on high-growth career disciplines, including digital marketing, business analytics, project management, and sales, and feature certifications from leading technology platforms.

“As we continue to grow our footprint nationwide, we’re excited to partner with University College to offer several new programs, especially since we share the University of Denver’s well-regarded commitment to innovation and technology education,” said Sara Leoni, CEO and founder of Ziplines Education. “We are proud to collaborate with University College to expand its catalog of industry-focused courses, giving professionals affordable access to relevant digital skills that are in demand in their local communities.”

These industry-certification programs give learners a competitive edge, whether they’re seeking to strengthen their current role, move up the leadership ladder, or quickly learn impactful skills to launch a new career. Students will complete the program with in-demand practical skills, a strategic playbook to showcase their new skills to employers, and a non-credit certificate from the University of Denver.