The story of The Denver Difference lies in the vision for what this campaign can achieve for our students, our community and our world.

Through our Case Field Guide, Illuminating Impact and more, you can learn more about The Denver Difference and how it will shape DU’s future.

Campaign Field Guide

Higher education is facing a defining moment. It’s time to rethink what universities can really promise students and society. While no single institution can provide all the answers – we can lead in the right direction. We’re already on a different track, pragmatically preparing young people to succeed in the urgent future they face. And we are doing all we can for the public good all along the way.

From our perspective, the future of higher education is bright and full of potential. The Denver Difference is our call to action.

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Illuminating Impact

Explore DU’s award-winning report on philanthropy!

Gifts from DU’s alumni, friends and many others are creating the future of our University. Read the stories about the research, teaching, 4D Experience and community impact made possible through the generosity of those who love DU.

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DU Magazine

DU Magazine’s mission is to ‘keep DU close’ to alumni and friends by nurturing pride; highlighting the achievements of students, staff, faculty and alumni; and demonstrating DU’s impact as an intellectual thought leader and private university dedicated to the public good.

The Winter 2024 issue delves into how DU researchers are moving beyond extreme weather to understand climate change, highlights the rich history of the ski team and unravels how AI can be used for the public good.

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