The Denver Difference

Raising the bar for major universities.

The Denver Difference campaign is our most ambitious yet. It sets us up as exemplars of how universities can deliver higher learning and contribute to society in the 21st century.

We’re a top-tier university, proud of our prominence in research and athletics. But these achievements are not the whole story. We are quietly making extraordinary differences every day. Doing more. Going further.

We impact Denver, Colorado, and the nation with interdisciplinary initiatives focusing on mental health, education, policy, international law, sport and human performance, affordable housing, democracy, sustainability, free expression, pluralism and  civil discourse.

We are breaking boundaries. We’re challenging ourselves, our limits and our past to be better today than we were yesterday. And we never lose sight of our mission as a leading private institution dedicated to making the world a better place.

This is a legacy-making moment.  A pivotal time you can take pride in — the time that together, we achieved the extraordinary in higher education.

Daring to challenge the status quo with millions of intelligent, thoughtful decisions to answer “what’s next?”

We’re The Denver Difference. Let’s show the world what DU can do.

Campaign Leadership

Jeremy Haefner
Mary Clark
Senior Vice Chancellor, Advancement
Valerie Otten
Campaign Cabinet

Champions of DU’s Future

Among the greatest champions of The Denver Difference is DU’s Campaign Cabinet, a group of highly engaged donors and University leaders who are leading the way as together we raise $1B for the future of DU. 
The Campaign Cabinet is leading by example, and we are grateful for their visionary work in support of our University.

Edward T. Anderson
Douglas G. Scrivner
Barbara Burwell
Navin Dimond
Craig Harrison
James Kennedy (Honorary)
John A. Miller
Robert C. Newman
Judi Newman
Denise M. O’Leary
Secretary Condoleeza Rice (Honorary)
Daniel L. Ritchie (Honorary)
Joseph Saunders
Sharon Saunders
Donald L. Sturm (Honorary)
Andrew Taylor

What DU Can Do

Higher education is facing a defining moment. It’s time to rethink what universities can really promise students and society.

We start by renewing trust and respect. That means critical reflection and reimagining our approach, our culture and our value. We deliver a new kind of university experience that’s meaningful and relevant. We herald a true renaissance, transforming and enriching people’s lives on campus, in our communities, and around the globe.

While no single institution can provide all the answers – we can lead in the right direction. We’re already on a different track, pragmatically preparing young people to succeed in the urgent future they face. And doing all we can for the public good all along the way.  From our perspective, the future of higher education is bright and full of potential. The Denver Difference is our call to action.

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