May 18, 2018

Opening the Door for the Next Generation of Difference-Makers Through Scholarships

The Saunders Leadership Academy, founded by Former DU trustee Joseph Saunders (BSBA ’67, MBA ’68, Hon. PhD ’09) and his wife, Sharon, supports promising students burdened by significant financial need. Since 2018, it has supported 15 students in their journey to becoming the next generation of leaders.

The Saunders Leadership Academy is a signature innovation program that includes traditional financial aid support, coupled with personal and pre-professional leadership and growth training, family engagement and support along with structured mentorship and internship opportunities.

“I believe that my experiences at the University of Denver greatly contributed to my successes both in my personal and my business life,” Saunders said. “And so my wife and I are pleased, and excited, to partner with the University of Denver to open this door and offer young motivated students this wonderful opportunity to receive the leadership training and experience they need to build their future careers.”

Saunders Scholars represent diverse backgrounds and experiences, come from across the country, and enhance the fabric and culture of the University. This programmatic cohort of students is complemented by cross-University support — a network of students, faculty and staff who can nurture, mentor and support our students throughout their journey.