April 5, 2024

A Passion for Healthy Living Leads to an Investment in Healthy Aging

When Peter and Jenna Merlin heard the Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging’s former director speak at an alumni event, they were hooked. The interdisciplinary work of the institute – integrating the physiological, law, biomechanics, and financial aspects of aging – caught their attention and became a resource as Peter’s father had recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia. For several years, the couple attended KIHA’s Alzheimer’s disease expert talks and tai chi classes, among other KIHA events.

The Merlins’ support of KIHA recently expanded to include an annual financial investment in the work of the Institute. They are committed to healthy living, both for themselves and for the sake of their family, and they recognize the transformational potential of the Institute’s interdisciplinary work in advancing research and education of all aspects of healthy aging.

Their investment in the work of KIHA has benefited multiple areas of Alzheimer’s disease-related research, including a study focused on uncovering the biological mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease and testing a potential therapeutic. It has also expanded the research of long-term neurological symptoms from COVID-19 infections; people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are very sensitive to COVID-19 and have a 10 times higher mortality than other people their age. The Merlins’ generosity has also strengthened graduate student support, provided equipment vital to research, supported the Institute’s financial safety program, and more.

In supporting KIHA’s interdisciplinary work, the Merlins’ personal mission of healthy aging is magnified exponentially to help others pursue wellness in its many forms at all stages of life.