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Two students speak with a professor surrounded by painting supplies and art on the walls.
It Takes an Artist to Appreciate the Value of an Endowed Art Professorship
5 April 2024
“In art, there are an infinite number of answers to any one question,” explains Everett Anton “Tony” Singer (BA Art ‘70), whose DU classes encompassed interior design, sculpture, painting, and ...
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John Madden Jr. sits in an upholstered chair in a musieum
In Memory of John Madden, Jr.: Visionary Businessman, Collector of Art, and Philanthropist
24 January 2024
The University of Denver celebrates the life and legacy of John Madden Jr. upon his recent passing. Madden’s generosity to the University over the years has accelerated students’ learning and ...
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Eric Lindstrom and Michael Pulman
A Partnership and a Legacy
26 May 2020
Michael Pulman, PhD, University of California, Berkeley, and Eric Lindstrom, MD, School of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, wanted to make an impact on the study of ...
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